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Improve Payroll accuracy and save time with Skill Set 365’s Integrated Cloud Jamaican Payroll Software.

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Why A Cloud Payroll System?

Why switch to cloud-based payroll processing? In general, you gain more flexibility in features, control and cost compared to using an on-premise system or having payroll outsourced to an agency.

For businesses who prefer to handle their own payroll runs, there are but two types of solutions to choose from–on-premise and cloud-based systems. Both platforms are designed to both streamline and automate payroll processes while ensuring accuracy, efficiency and on-time payments. The primary advantage of cloud software is that users are able to access it anywhere, provided they have an internet connection.
Pay for what you use
With Payroll 365, you are not billed for the number of candidates hired. You are billed for the number of candidates compensated during the billing period regardless of the number of payroll cycles in a given billing period for each candidate.
Get payroll right first time
Accurate, timely and legally compliant payroll processing is an essential activity for every organization. Pre-Payroll data is seamless taken from the HR system, so there is no need to waste time re-keying information or checking for the inevitable mistakes that come with data duplication and re-entry. It’s a seamless process that will save you time and ensure payroll data consistency.
Provide online pay slips
Pay slips and other documents, such as P45 are automatically available on demand from the employee self-serve dashboard, so employees can check and download their own pay slips using their secure My Skill Set 365 login. That means you won’t need to worry about sensitive pay information being sent via email or stored on in-house servers.
Pay for what you use
With Payroll 365, you are not billed for the number of candidates hired. You are billed for the number of candidates compensated during the billing period regardless of the number of payroll cycles in a given billing period for each candidate.
No IT Personnel Intervention
As the term on-premise implies, such software needs to be installed on company premises. Not only this, they require system maintenance that only IT experts can perform. This results in additional costs for any company. No worries about hosting, data storage or backup/restoration
Single Solution
The use of multiple platforms to manage different HR processes is not just impractical but time consuming as well.

Features that Work.

Over 80 simplified features

How it Works

Skill Set 365’s Cloud Payroll Module (Payroll 365) is a cost-effective payroll solution for small and medium-sized businesses in the Caribbean. It's so quick and easy, you can run your own payroll even if you never have before. Have more confident control of your payroll processes to ensure your workforce is paid accurately and on time.

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Straightforward monthly subscription fees with no hidden extras

Select Modules

Number of Employees

You'll only pay for the number of employees (excluding leavers) held in the system each month, subject to a minimum fee. Discounts available for registered charities. More than 3000 employees? Please contact us

Your Cost

That's just US$4.50 per employee per month.

Your subscription includes all of this:

Your selected Org 365 HR modules: automatically updated each time we release new features

Full self-service: secure online access 24/7 for everyone – employees, managers and HR

Help to get you started: free getting started consultancy and core HR data upload

Expert support: online support centre, advice from our product specialists, ‘how to’ guides and webinars

Fast, responsive browser interface: designed to be used from your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone

Free-to-download native mobile apps for Android and iOS

Unlimited HR data and document storage (subject to reasonable use)

Robust, secure service: including 24/7 monitoring, fail over support and third party penetration testing

Single sign on and dual authentication: in addition to Skill Set 365's own secure password capabilities

Open API, payroll output and integrations with third party applications (e.g. payroll. LMS etc.)

Powerful global features: multi-currency, multi-country and multi-language

Multiple language translations.

Smooth Collaboration

Connect employees

Intuitive self-service, advanced security and workflow approvals mean you can safely allow employees to update relevant records, submit forms or help themselves to the information they need from their PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. It’s an effective way to reduce administration overheads, but retain control over data integrity and security.

Shared tools

Centralized data

Payroll 365 allows organizations to store data from disparate sources at a single place. This helps the HR department manage employees in a better and more uniform way. It enables standardizing, and therefore easy management of on-boarding, certifications, pay rate changes, performance reviews, benefits, leaves, and more. Centralizing of data also enables better tracking of company assets that have been assigned to employees.

Maximize growth

Multi Lingual

Out system comes with over 30 languages and language structures including text orientation and currency format rules.

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