Introducing IR 365

Industrial relations Management is key to a harmonious work place. It is used to moderate relationships between the management and the employee, or among the employees whilst being in compliance with the various legislations put forward by the Ministry of Labor & Social Security. Using our Integrated modules allows your business to free itself from expensive enterprise software and enjoy the benefits of secure cloud computing.

HR Integration

Resolves issues with your people using data from their HR profile. Manage emoluments (salary, overtime, gratuity, golden handshakes et al), recurrent deductions (Internal and external loans, Mortgages, Insurance etc.) or emoluments gratuity.

Manage Labor Relations Smartly

Record, track, and report any HR issue that impacts your organization or your employees through integration with your existing HR Module, the personnel manager is the centralized hub that hosts all of your employee information and incidents.

Incident Manager

The incident manager is the tool that records, tracks, and reports on HR issues that impact your organization or your employees. Having all information associated with each particular incident in one place will enable you to monitor, collaborate, create tasks, or generate training associated with each incident.

Reduced Paper footprint

Most Industrial Relations staff have to contend with clutter in their offices, bulky file cabinets and generally disorganized workplaces. With our cloud-based IR solution, you can achieve a paperless work environment, significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Pay for what you use

With IR 365, you are not billed for the number of candidates or incidents you encounter hired. You are billed for the number of active candidates during the billing period.

No IT Personnel Intervention

As the term on-premise implies, such software needs to be installed on company premises. Not only this, they require system maintenance that only IT experts can perform. This results in additional costs for any company.

Why Switch to a Industrial Relations System?

Using our cloud-based system will automate repetitive and time-consuming HR tasks to make them more efficient and reduce their time-intensive nature.
Through the HR365 Self-Service Portal, employees will be aware of potential issues being raised against them, and likewise, they can raise the issues to HR for attention. The system enables transparency and a systematic approach to HR and the affected parties. It shortens response time and aids the management in making strategic decisions on disciplinary issues and misconduct.

With a new injection of Capital, Skill Set 365 decided to decrease its IT operational overhead so we could focus more intently on its core business-- Cloud Payroll & HR. To this end, the company transitioned applications from its many on-premises IT centers and collocated environments into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Who we are

As a diverse team of HR, Accounting and ICT professionals, we have an experienced track record of delivering successful People management solutions on an international basis; first as client/server and now from the Cloud. Our aim today, as it always has been, is to harness the latest technologies to provide forward-thinking solutions that help you work smarter and achieve more.

Support legislative requirements

Dedicated functionality helps make legislative compliance straightforward. Your primary legislative provider is the Ministry of labor & Social security and its labor law. The key rules or this law were extracted, simplified & integrated into the application.

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  • Map out all the steps in your grievance process via your collective bargaining agreements.
  • Track aggrieved employees, arbitration dates, status, summaries, and case outcomes.
  • Add notes, activities, and tasks to each case.
  • Web based employee self service Portal
Discipline Manager
  • Track discipline reasons, dates, status, summaries, and case-by-case outcomes, for any employee.
  • Configure discipline reasons and workflow to meet your organizations requirements - create discipline workflows, actions such as suspensions, terminations, absenteeism, performance improvement, etc.
  • Document discipline cases - add notes, contacts, supporting files, and generate forms.

Pricing Calculator


Optional Fees

Billing is done on the 28th of each month and is due by the first day of the following month. All prices are in USD.
  • Basic Support (Per month): Free
  • Data Migration/Importation (Per Record): $0.10
  • Org 365 System Usage (Active Employees): $3.50
  • One-on-One Support (Technical & Business Support) (Per hour): $120.00
  • HR Blacklist Database Access (Per query): $40.00
  • Premium Support-(Technical & Business) Per month: $230.00

Pricing Summary (USD)

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