Introducing ATS 365

Hiring processes finally made easy with Skill Set 365 Cloud Applicant Tracking Recruiting and Hiring Software.

How it Works

Skill Set 365’s Cloud Applicant Tracking Recruiting & Hiring Module (ATS 365) is a cost-effective payroll solution for small and medium-sized businesses in the Caribbean.

ATS 365 is designed around a multi-tiered architecture that is recommended for web-based applications. The architecture partitions application functionality into independent layers: the presentation layer (or browser client), the business logic (application server) and the data layer (database).

The presentation layer never communicates directly with the database layer. All communication is performed via the business logic, which provides its own security checks before permitting access to the data. This prevents requests from a web browser going directly to the database. The application also verifies the user role at every request.

HR Integration

Compensate your people using data from their HR profile. Manage emoluments (salary, overtime, gratuity, golden handshakes et al), recurrent deductions (Internal and external loans, Mortgages, Insurance etc.) or emoluments gratuity.

Real time saver

We understand that Payroll and effective people management is a core backbone of your business operations that is why we ensure it is easier than ever to manage payments to your people so you can get back to focusing on important goals.

Single Solution

The use of multiple platforms to manage different HR processes is not just impractical but time-consuming as well. An edge that cloud-based payroll software have is their ability to offer just about any HR management need.

Reduced Paper footprint

Most payroll staff have to contend with clutter in their offices, bulky file cabinets and generally disorganized workplaces. With our cloud-based payroll solution, you can achieve a paperless work environment, significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Pay for what you use

With ATS 365, you are not billed for the number of candidates hired. You are billed for the number of candidates compensated during the billing period regardless of the number of payroll cycles in a given billing period for each candidate.

No IT Personnel Intervention

As the term on-premise implies, such software needs to be installed on company premises. Not only this, they require system maintenance that only IT experts can perform. This results in additional costs for any company.

Why Switch to a Cloud Applicant Tracking Recruiting & Hiring System?

In general, you gain more flexibility in features, control, and cost compared to using an on-premise system or having payroll outsourced to an agency. For businesses who prefer to handle their own payroll runs, there are but two types of solutions to choose from–on-premise and cloud-based systems.
Both platforms are designed to both streamline and automate payroll processes while ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and on-time payments. The primary advantage of cloud software is that users are able to access it anywhere, provided they have an internet connection.

Who we are

As a diverse team of Human Resources, Accounting and ICT professionals, we have an experienced track record of delivering successful People management solutions on an international basis; first as client/server and now from the Cloud. Our aim today, as it always has been, is to harness the latest technologies to provide forward-thinking solutions that help you work smarter and achieve more.

Our Cloud ICT Infrastructure

In the third quarter of 2019, we decided to transition all our 200+ applications and microservices from our on-premises data centers into Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. This resulted in a 8,000% increase in costs. We made the decision to capitilize on the realibility and consistency that AWS provides coupled with the fact that we are not an IT company.

  • 500MB Down & 100MB Uplink
  • 6 Microsoft SQL Server RDS on Windows 2019 (64 GB RAM each)
  • 2 Load Balancers (Mitigate against DDOS)
  • 8 IIS Webserver (EC2)
  • 2 Microsoft Exchange Email Servers (EC2)
  • 1 Active Directory Root Server (EC2)
  • A 10TB Network Attached Storage
  • 1 Task-365 bot running on Windows XP

Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for the love of it."

-Henry David Thoreau

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  • Easy team collaboration and communication
  • Recruiting analytics and reporting
  • Streamlined Employee Onboarding
  • Labor law Compliance
  • Eliminate all Employee Onboarding Paperwork
  • One click conversion from candidate to Employee
  • Enable Candidates to Quickly and Easily Apply for Jobs

Pricing Calculator


Optional Fees

Billing is done on the 28th of each month and is due by the first day of the following month. All prices are in USD.
  • Basic Support (Per month): Free
  • Data Migration/Importation (Per Record): $0.10
  • Org 365 System Usage (Active Employees): $3.50
  • One-on-One Support (Technical & Business Support) (Per hour): $120.00
  • HR Blacklist Database Access (Per query): $40.00
  • Premium Support-(Technical & Business) Per month: $230.00

Pricing Summary (USD)

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Systems we integrate with Here are a few systems that ATS 365 can interact with.