Jamaica's Fortnightly, Monthly & Yearly PAYE Salary Calculator With Pay Slip Generator (Year 2002 to Year 2019)

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Last Updated: July 12, 2019
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Payee is an Approved Farmer?
An approved farmer is exempt from paying Income tax and is one who is approved under Section 36D of the Income Tax Act for engaging in a prescribed agricultural activity. He must keep separate books of accounts for his framing activity.
Payee is an Handicapped?
Handicapped persons are exempted under Section12 (y) (i) of the Income Tax Act -person suffering from a disabling permanent physical handicap resulting from illness, injury. However, these person must be certified by the Minister responsible for Social Security on the advice of Chief Medical Officer.
Is the salary a redundancy payment (Payee Employed >=3 years)?
For employment of 3-years or more and being made redundant, we will automaticall use the formula: 2 ¼(2.25) * Average Annual Pay for last 3 years * the number of years of service / 33.33 years.
Is payee the Governor General of Jamaica's?
The Governor General of Jamaica's is exempted from paying Income Tax
Is Payee is age 65 or older?
Education Tax should not be deducted for persons age 65 and over.
Is payee is under age 18?
Education Tax should not be deducted for persons aunder the age of 18.

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System Last Updated: July 12, 2019 Click here to read the 2019 Payroll Guide