Accounting Technician 1 Salary In Jamaica's Public Sector 2019
Auditor General's Department

Finance & Accounts

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How much pay does a Accounting Technician 1 earns annually in Jamaica's Public Sector?

According to Jamaica's Civil Service Establishment Act of 2018, the starting salary for a Accounting Technician 1 is $1,023,339.39 JMD per annum and can get as high as $1,216,428.49 JMD depending on qualifications and years of experience.

The Salary guidance tool is constantly being fed known locally known Job titles and their verified salaries. A salary is a form of payment from an employer to an employee, which may be specified in an employment contract. While we work round the clock to ensure the accuracy of the gross earnings figures, they may be adjusted at any time due to various factors such as circulars from The Ministry of Finance or the conclusions of ever ongoing local Trade Union negations. These adjustments are expected to be + or – 8%. Future versions on this tool will also include fringe benefits assigned to each position.

Monthly pay calculations for Accounting Technician 1

Description     Amount   Description   Amount
Basic Salary     $85,278.28
  NIS:   $2,131.96
        Income Tax   $0.00
      NHT   $1,705.57
          Education Tax   $1,870.79
    Total Earnings: $85,278.28   Total Deductions   $5,708.32
  Net Pay:   $79,569.97

Select Sector Calculation Results

Gross Salary:  $85,278.28
-Income Tax:  $0.00
-NIS:  $2,131.96
-Education Tax:  $1,870.79
-NHT:  $1,705.57
Total Deductions:  $5,708.32
=Net Salary:  $79,569.97

Useful Information

Work Week:  40 Hours/w
Gross Hourly Rate:  $532.99 /hr
Net Hourly Rate:  $497.31 /hr
Statutory Income  $83,146.33
Taxable Income:  $0.00
Income Tax Threshold:  1500096.00
Income Tax Threshold (monthly):  $125,008.00

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