A new way to do Jamaican Payroll; From the Cloud!

Whether managing payroll 1 or 1 million people, you need an integrated HR and Payroll solution that ensures compliance, intelligent process automation and insights that move your organization forward.


Why outsource your Payroll when you can do it yourself in less than 10 minutes?

Skill Set 365 is a full featured People & Payroll management software that is hosted in the cloud. It is designed to cater to small businesses, providing them with powerful data management functionalities, automation and a very intuitive user interface. Other key features include payroll tax calculation, Payslip generation, Ledgers, TAJ filings and employee self serve. It is seamelessly integratable with Skill Set 365's Applicant tracking & People management modules.

Awesome Features

HR Integration

Compensate your people using data from their HR profile. Manage overtimes, recurrentdeductions(Internal and external loans, Mortgages, Insurance etc) or emoluments (Grattittuty

Completely drive process cent potential without information convenien.

Real time saver

Payroll is the backbone of our business, and itís crucial to running yours. Our proprietary software makes it easier than ever to manage your payroll so you can get back to focusing on whatís important: your employees, your clients, and your business. Four steps.

Thatís all it takes to complete our simple payroll process. Start, edit, submit, and process Ė look, youíre done already.

Single Solution

The use of multiple platforms to manage different HR processes is not just impractical but time consuming as well. An edge that cloud-based payroll software have is their ability to offer just about any HR management need.

Aside from payroll, these solutions provide time and attendance and HR and benefits administration capabilities all from a single console. There is no need to use multiple systems, allowing users to update employee data in a single entry, resulting in time savings and data accuracy.

No More Paper

Most payroll staff have to contend with clutter in their offices, bulky file cabinets and generally disorganized workplaces. With cloud-based payroll software you can achieve a paperless work environment, significantly reducing your businessí carbon footprint. This will not only save you money but contribute to the environment as well.

In addition, problems from pending or lost tasks can be minimized if not eliminated as these systems make sure that all forms are completely filled and notifies personnel of missing employee forms.

Easily manage emoluments, PAYE, deductions & ledgers

You can minimize administrative duties and errors with real-time payroll calculations. Plus, you can leverage the help of local compliance experts to get more peace of mind. Each deductions are accurately calculated and placed in a ledger which can then be converted into statutory e-filings in SO1 or SO2 formats.

Administer all emoluments, pay rates, overtimes, PAYE deductions, staff loans and personal employee obligations easily since these can be integrated into the payroll, calculations and forecasting are streamlined.


Paperless meets effortless

Proactively reinvent inexpensive e-commerce for parallel relationships. Distinctively brand adaptive innovation after state of the art alignments.


Payroll reports

Generate and download reports for payroll history, bank transactions, contractor payments, paid time off, tax payments, and more.


Time-tracking integrations

Automatically import employee hours into Gusto by integrating with one of our time-tracking partners.


Vacation and sick policies

Set time-off policies and track vacation and sick balances for your employees.


Accessability, Collaboration & Integration

Access your account and run payroll any time on your smartphone or tablet.

Sync payroll deadlines, birthdays, and employee anniversaries to your calendar in Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal.

Add your accountant, bookkeeper, or other team members to help you with payroll.


$56 + $4 per person



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