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Accounting Supervisor

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Accounting Supervisor


Accounting Supervisor, Grade 3B - $1,539,046 - $1,708,154


Core Functions:

The incumbent is responsible for:

§  Preparing and effecting the salaries and wages payment for all employees, in accordance with existing policies and procedures.

§  Maintaining and reconciling the payroll to General Ledger.

§  Assisting in managing the Bureau’s accounts receivable system.

§  Supervising the front office cashiers.




Responsibilities & Duties

1.              Verifies the accuracy of correspondence received, relating to the payment of Salaries and Wages, using the Bureau's Conditions of Service and rates of pay in force.

2.              Executes the payroll run and checks output for completeness and accuracy and submits to the Senior Accounting Supervisor for checking and the Management Accountant for approval.

3.              Checks the reconciliation of the lunch list and effects salary deductions.

4.              Generates and dispatches cheques or online transfers for payroll and non-statutory deductions.

5.              Prepares pay slips and disburses to employees.

6.              Prepares Monthly and Annual Returns for Statutory Deductions.

7.              Maintains reconciliations of Payroll accounts to General Ledger.

8.              Prepares and submits electronic data for monthly pension contributions.

9.              Maintains reconciliations of Pension accounts to General Ledger.

10.       Ensures the timely preparation of related accounting schedules for the annual external audit and coordinates the implementation of the auditors’ recommendations.

11.       Ensures that the cashier is checked and reconciled daily, and that funds are lodged daily in keeping with the Bureau’s guidelines.

12.       Checks, approves and posts (where necessary) direct reports Journals or other sources of transaction entries reports and analyses.

13.       Prepares cheque or electronic transfer for non-executive staff loans upon approval by Management Accountant.

14.       Prepares assigned Audit Schedules.

15.       Monitors the petty cash funds to ensure replenishment and disbursement is according to policy.

16.       Monitors point of sales machine in the Loan Servicing and Loan Processing Departments, ensuring customer accounts are updated on a timely basis.

17.       Verifies in-house and external bailiff payments for approval.

18.       Reviews information received from the Loan Servicing Department, for accuracy, regarding principal, interest, insurance, late fees and miscellaneous fees monthly and records the information.

19.       Actions assigned memoranda regarding closures and adjustments.

20.       Performs any other related duties that may be assigned for the smooth running of the department and the Bureau.





Qualifications and Experience

BSc. Degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration or Management Studies (with an Accounting major) or ACCA level 2

Three (3) years’ experience at an intermediate level in a commercial accounting environment

Knowledge of the Income Tax Act and payroll calculation.


Working Knowledge of the Financial Accounting and Auditing Act

Knowledge of

o   the relevant sections of the Students’ Loan Fund Act

o   the Students’ Loan Bureau’s policies and procedures\

o   computerized accounting information systems

o   Labour Laws.

o   Payroll Calculation


Proficiency in the use of accounting packages, payroll software and other relevant computer software.

Proficiency in the use of computer application software including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Good human relations skills

Good problem solving, organizational and analytical skills

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Training in Accounting Software Systems

High level of confidentiality and integrity

Ability to multi-task and operate within a dynamic environment.

Businesslike, meticulous, honest, self-assured and self-motivated

Demonstrated capability to interface and maintain effective relationships with all departments.





Typical office environment.





The incumbent reports to:

Directly:                      Senior Accounting Supervisor

Indirectly:                  Assistant Manager, Management Accountant

Supervision given to: Cashier, Accounting Officer





Internally:       All Departments

Externally:      Ministry of Finance and Planning, Employee Benefits providers, Commercial Bank





Implement and review financial and accounting practices, processes, programmes and policies

Interpret and enforce policies and guidelines.

Provide advice on how to handle fraudulent cash and cheques

Enforce discipline of staff in conjunction with the Human Resource Department in keeping with the Bureau’s rules and regulations.

Provide financial and accounting advice / information to department managers

Access financial and accounting records.





The job is satisfactorily performed when:

General Journals are updated on a timely basis and information/adjustments are accurately entered.

Receipts and Lodgments are accurate.

Lodgments are prepared and ready to be dispatched by the designed deadline.

Memos are actioned within 2 working days of approval.

Payroll is completed and dispatched monthly/weekly on a timely.

Reports prepared and submitted are accurate and timely.

All duties are performed effectively and efficiently and departmental objectives and targets are met.

Confidentiality of information obtained on the job is preserved at all times.



Ensure that the schedules are prepared for the following accounts and that the balances reflect the correct amount outstanding as at each month end, reports are due the 15th day following each month end.:

o   201600000 – Pension Pay

o   201610000- Pension Employer

o   201700000 - Staff Deduction

o 203600000 - Net Pay

o   203610000 - Net Pay Ancillary

o   203620000 – Salary Advance

o 201200000 – N.I.S

o   201211000 – N.I.S Employer

o 201300000 – N.H.T

o   201310000 – N.H.T Employer

o   201400000 – Education

o   201410000 - Education employer

o   201500000 – Income Tax

o   201510000 – Income Tax Ancillary


An unquestionable level of integrity is maintained in the performance of duties

A very high level of accuracy is maintained in the performance of duties

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