Supervisor I, FieldManagement

Statistical Institute of Jamaica

Under the direction of the Supervisor II, Field, the Supervisor I, Field has responsibility for planning and organizing data collection field work activities for household and establishment surveys within a designated geographic zone of the Island. This includes, the daily supervision of a team of Interviewers and the implementation of quality control and assurance procedures designed to ensure the collection of high quality data.


Qualifications & Experience Required

              4 subjects at the CXC/GCE level, including English Language and Mathematics

              Diploma/Certificate in Supervisory Management

              Five (5) years experience as a field Interviewer

              Supervisory experience would be an asset


Required Competencies






     Good oral communication skills

     Good written communication skills

            Good organizational

and environmental awareness

     Good interpersonal skills

     Good teamwork and cooperation skills

     Demonstrated high level of integrity

     Demonstrated customer and quality focus

     Very Good leadership skills

     Very Good people management skills

     Demonstrated ability to plan and organize for results

      Demonstrated knowledge of data collection techniques/methods

      Proficient in the use of relevant data collection computer applications

              Knowledge of interviewing techniques

              Demonstrated ability to use maps to identify Enumeration

District boundaries, sample units/dwellings.

      Ability to conduct initiation training of interviewers in data collection techniques and guidelines for safety and security of self and team members.

      Ability to conduct remedial training of interviewers to correct areas of weakness/performance deficiencies

      Knowledge of the standard methods of survey quality control/quality assurance

      Ability to supervise the operations of the Field office, including the administrative and Human Resource functions and where applicable, sales functions.


Summary of Duties

      Plans and organizes data collection field work activities for household and establishment surveys within designated geographic zone.

           Assists project managers in survey-specific training of staff assigned to the Zone.

           Receives survey fieldwork assignments and survey materials from Supervisor II-Field and distributes to Interviewers.

           Ratifies and monitors weekly itineraries submitted by Interviewers.

           Provides survey logistics support including arranging transportation for Interviewers as required.

      Accompanies interviewers at the start of each new survey to identify assigned Enumeration District (ED) boundaries as indicated on maps and locate sample units /dwellings as indicated on household listing.

      Carries out the day-to-day supervision of Interviewers to ensure that sampled dwellings and establishments are visited and interviews conducted with selected survey respondent(s), using the Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) method or Paper and Pencil Interviewing (PAPI) method.

      Conducts observations and re-interviews of field staff to evaluate employees' performance, perform quality control of data collected, and ensures that all appropriate survey interviewing guidelines are being followed.

      Takes corrective actions including remedial training of Interviewers to address areas of performance deficiencies identified during the quality assurance procedures.

      Resolves problems that arise during the data collection process independently or where necessary through consultation with the Supervisor II.

           Visits reported refusals and applies refusal conversion techniques to obtain cooperation of selected respondent(s).

           Tracks the progress of survey data collection to ensure that all deadlines and response rate targets are met.

           Reviews and submits required survey progress reports to the Supervisor II.

           Uploads completed and checked electronic questionnaires to the Institute’s Head Office via the electronic data

collection system.

           Submits completed and checked paper questionnaires, control forms and other survey materials to the Supervisor II

for dispatch to the Institute’s Head Office.

Applications should be submitted by Tuesday, October 22, 2019 to:

The Human Resource Manager

Corporate Services Division

7 Cecelio Avenue

Kingston 10.


N.B. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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Job Details

  • Location: Port Antonio

  • Sector: Public Sector

  • Category: Management

  • Posted On: Oct 9, 2019

  • Deadline: Oct 22, 2019

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