Manager, Public Procurement Accounting & Finance

Statistical Institute of Jamaica

of Duties

    Provides advice to the Director, Corporate Services, Senior Finance Manager, other Directors, and Managers on procurement policies and procedures.

         Monitors and ensures that effective and up to date procurement records are maintained.

         Monitors and ensures that procurement practices conform to the Financial Audit Act (FAA), Public Procurement Act

2015 and Regulations, Government Procurement Guidelines and the Institute’s Procurement Charter and Policy and

Procedures Manual.

         Monitors and maintains an inventory listing of all equipment brought within the Institute.

         Acts as purchasing agent on behalf of the Institute as well as for local funded projects.

         Plays a lead role in the preparation/ review of procurement policies and procedures.

         Evaluates the performance of the procurement process along with the Director, Corporate Services and Procurement

Committee members.

         Acts as e-Procurement Coordinator and Lead Evaluator.

         Coordinates and conducts procurement compliance reviews, procurement training seminars/workshops.

         Coordinates reports for submission to the MOFP, OCG, PPC, and Cabinet.

         Ensures that tender documents are prepared in accordance with GOJ standards, disseminated timely and accurately.

         Monitors the organization’s procurement activities to ensure conformity to the Procurement Plan.

         Oversees the tendering process and contract award process.

         Provides advice on public procurement matters to officers.

         Represents Unit at Procurement and Contract Award Committees and Board meetings.

         Represents Institute at PPC Sector Committee, PPC, Cabinet Infrastructure Committee meetings.

         Prepares contract award recommendations.

         Reviews procedures for the procurement of works, goods & services carried out by the Institute.

         Review reports for submission to MFP, PPC, OCG, and Cabinet.

    Provides the Finance and Accounting Unit with the necessary assistance and information as it relate s to the preparation of cheques for payments and reconciliation of accounts.

    Manages, monitors and controls the procurement of goods, services, and works and ensures that the objectives and basic principles of procurements guidelines and procedures and complied with.

         Procures goods and services on a competitive basis without compromising quality and ensures proper storage.

         Monitors the issuing of purchase orders and follows up for receipt/delivery of goods and /or services.

         Prepares Budget, Corporate and Operational Plans for the Unit.

         Monitors orders and re-orders levels in order to minimize the incidence of extravagance and waste.

         Attends meetings of the Institute’s Procurement Committee

         Represents the Institute at Conferences, Workshops and Seminars.

Applications should be submitted by Tuesday, October 22, 2019, to:

The Human Resource Manager

Corporate Services Division

7 Cecelio Avenue

Kingston 10.

N.B. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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Job Details

  • Location: Kingston

  • Sector: Public Sector

  • Category: Accounting & Finance

  • Posted On: Oct 9, 2019

  • Deadline: Oct 22, 2019

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