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Language and Cross-Culture Facilitator (*Temporary; Full Time)

(6 Positions available)


POSITION:                                                           Language and Cross-Culture Facilitator

OPENING DATE:                                                 November 3, 2019

CLOSING DATE:                                                 November 15, 2019

DURATION OF CONTRACT:                           February to May, 2020

REMUNERATION:                                            Jamaican $7400 per day; for a maximum of 75 days


*Temporary, Full Time means that the contractor is committed to full time employment with the Peace Corps for the duration of the contract.



The Language & Cross-Cultural Facilitator (LCF) delivers the Language and Cross-Culture component of the training program to Peace Corps Trainees (PCTs) during Pre-service Training (PST). The LCF also provides support to the Programming & Training Specialist (PTS) to ensure that technical knowledge is communicated within a context of cultural sensitivity. Additionally, the LCF serves as a coach/mentor to the group of trainees to which he/she is assigned.


The LCF is supervised by Language and Cross-Culture Coordinator (LCC); but will coordinate with other Programming and Training staff such as the Director of Programming & Training (DPT), Training Director (TD), Home-Stay and Logistics Coordinator (HLC), and the Programming & Training Specialists (PTSes) as necessary to ensure that the program is executed at the highest level.



Qualifications and Requirements:

A first degree in Education, Language, Linguistics, Culture or other related field of study.


LCFs are required to live in the training community, which is outside of Kingston, for a period not exceeding 10 weeks. Peace Corps Jamaica will provide lodging; and a flat per diem will be paid in addition to salary during this period.


The full Statement of Work is included for review on pages 3-5.

 Interested applicants for this position must submit all of the following information by email in order for their application to be considered:


1.       A completed LCF  Application form (pages 6-7)


2.       A resume or CV that includes:

·         Professional positions held, identifying duties, responsibilities, dates of employment and reason for leaving

·         Education and training, universities attended, dates of attendance, degrees and diplomas.

·         Professional licenses, certificates, registrations

·         An account for periods of unemployment longer than three months


3.       Three professional references.


4.       Photocopies of:

a.       Academic Diplomas and Degrees. 


5.       A cover letter


6.       Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above.


All documents must be in English; official translation is not required. Please submit to, Attention: Director of Management & Operations. In the subject line of your email, please use the following format:

The position for which you are applying_your full name.

For example: LCF Application_John Brown



The United States Peace Corps is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Language and Cross-Culture Facilitator (LCF)



DUTY STATION:                                Peace Corps Office in Kingston and rural Training Communities

BASIS OF EMPLOYMENT:              Personal Services Contract (Temporary; Full time)

SUPERVISOR:                                     Language and Cross-Culture Coordinator

COORDINATES WITH:                    Training Director when required and Programming & Technical Specialists for Hub training)

SUPERVISES:                                      N/A

TRAINS AND MONITORS:            Peace Corps Trainees (in plenary, small groups and individually)




The Language & Cross-Cultural Facilitator/Coach (LCF) delivers the Language and Cross-Culture component of the training program to Peace Corps Trainees (PCTs) during Pre-service Training (PST). The LCF also provides support to Programming & Technical Specialists to ensure that technical knowledge is communicated within a context of cultural sensitivity. Additionally, the LCF serves as a coach/mentor to the group of Trainees to which he/she is assigned.




Works in a multi-faceted capacity; a technical resource to provide Language and Cross- Culture insight related to the Agriculture and Education sectors, a teacher and facilitator of language and cross culture, a coach/mentor for the Trainees in cultural adjustment, supports Trainee Safety & Security, and manages aspects of training administration and logistics.  The LCF therefore:


§  Designs and executes the Language and Cross-Cultural Training for PCTs, as assigned on the Pre- Service Training (PST) Schedule.

§  Collaborates with Programming & Training Specialists (PTS) to integrate language and culture in technical sessions. Ensures that Trainees not only learn technical content but are also capable of communicating this technical knowledge in Patwa, in a culturally appropriate manner, and in accordance with the norms of Jamaican society.

§  Conducts continuous assessment of Trainees’ performance in Language & Cross Culture, and provides regular feedback to the Trainees, Language & Cross Cultural Coordinator (LCC) and other staff as necessary.

§  Participates in all Agriculture/Education Technical Training sessions and practical activities, ensuring the Trainees’ understanding of the related cultural context and the maximum use of Patwa during these sessions where appropriate. 

§  Provides appropriate language and cultural support to PCTs in their preparation for any technical assignment or preparation.

§  Provides support to Trainees by guiding them during their cultural and language adjustments.

§  Attends and participates in formal and informal activities with PCTs that could further PCTs’ cultural understanding and integration, during and outside of formal training hours. 

§  Serves as a role model for professional behavior so that Trainees can appreciate the technical capability, commitment, and motivation of Jamaican professionals.

§  Assists the Programming and Training Specialist and Training Director with Hub and Community Based Training administrative and logistical management.

§  Provides safety and security guidance and reinforcement to Trainees of their role and responsibilities related to personal safety and security.

§  Supports the Safety & Security systems, policies and procedures that are in place for Pre-Service Training, including timely reporting of incidents involving V/Ts and any other safety and security incidents including suspicious persons and situations. Actively participates in emergency situations to ensure the safety and security of the Volunteers and Trainees.

§  Accompanies PCT travel/movement if deemed necessary for safety and security reasons.

§  Prepares and submits a final report to the Language & Cross Cultural Coordinator (LCC), outlining the Language and Cross Cultural related competences each Trainee has acquired during the Pre-Service training.





·         A Bachelor’s degree in Education, Language, Linguistics, Culture, or any other related field of study.


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Attitudes

  • Demonstrated ability to speak, write and teach the Jamaican Patwa;
  • Intimate knowledge of Jamaican history and culture, both rural and urban;
  • Ability to communicate verbally and write effectively in English;
  • Familiarity with Jamaican culture, communities, and geography;
  • Uses tact and diplomacy when dealing with sensitive cross cultural issues;
  • Ability to work in a highly diverse work environment and foster teamwork;
  • Strong training and facilitation skills;
  • Knowledge of adult learning principles, group dynamics, non-formal education techniques and facilitation techniques;
  • Ability to research, design, deliver, and evaluate language learning for Peace Corps Trainees,
  • Experience assisting with the logistical aspects of training programs in formal and non-formal environments;
  • Demonstrates professional and ethical conduct all times, treating colleagues, Trainees/Volunteers and community members in a respectful manner that encourages collaboration and effective teamwork at Peace Corps Jamaica;
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and recognize and disclose any potential conflict of interest;
  • Must have positive attitude and commit to a high standard of ethical and professional conduct;
  • Strong organizational, logistic and planning skills; and
  • Must possess IT skills and demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office products.



Teamwork, Professionalism and Judgment

·         Displays highest level of professional and ethical conduct at all times, treating colleagues, Trainees, Volunteers and community members in a respectful manner that encourages collaboration and effective teamwork at Peace Corps Jamaica; and

·         Maintains confidentiality and discloses any potential conflict of interest




·         Must be able to obtain a clean Police Certification record; and

·         Must be able to live in the training community for a period not exceeding 10 weeks. NB: Peace Corps will make provision for all lodgings; and pay a flat per diem in addition to salary during this period.




  • Knowledge of Peace Corps development philosophy and training system, Peace Corps policies and regulations
  • Experience working with volunteer organizations

·         Filing management experience





a) Supervision Received: The LCF reports to the Language and Cross-Culture Coordinator


b) Supervision Exercised: The LCF does not have supervisory responsibilities.


d) Exercise of Judgment: As the LCF, great reliance is placed on the individual's professional capability; this demands a continuous exercise of sound judgment and professional criteria in order to satisfactorily carry out the duties of this position; the LCF utilizes available guidelines for most matters.


e) Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts: The LCF interacts primarily with community members and Peace Corps Staff and Trainees.


f) Authority to Make Commitments: The LCF does not have authorization to make commitments on behalf of the Peace Corps, but acts on under guidance from his/her supervisor (the LCC) which is in line with established policies and program criteria.



Please read each question carefully and ensure that your response sufficiently demonstrates your qualification and suitability for the position. Please note that most answers will require more than a “yes” or “no” response. Feel free to go into as much relevant detail as possible. Responses must be made on this form on the “Response” line for each question.




  1. Have you attained at minimum, a first degree in Education, Language, Linguistics, Culture or other related field of study? If yes, please state the specific area in which you have your qualification.



2.       In addition to your degree, have you pursued other courses or extra-curricular activities that bolster your qualification for the LCF position? Please provide full details about the relevant courses and/or other activities pursued.



  1. Share with us situations in which you have had to communicate or teach (in Patwa) as part of your job/profession




  1. Share your experience in delivering Patwa language learning activities including formal and non-formal instructional classes or simulation activities




  1. Have you ever worked with Americans or with an American organization? If yes, please provide the duration of your work or interaction and explain your understanding of Americans and/or American organizational culture.



  1. How have you displayed the qualities of a great team member in the workplace or in any organization? If you have no prior work experience, in what ways do you think you would provide support to other members of your team?



  1. Do you have any skills and/or experience in coaching, conflict resolution or counselling? If yes, please describe concisely an occasion where you have had to coach, counsel or resolve a conflict. What made it successful?


  1. Demonstrate your proficiency in the use of the following Microsoft suite of products. Indicate how you use or have used them in your work: 



Microsoft Word-

Microsoft Excel-

Microsoft Power point-


Explain how your qualification and experience demonstrates the following:


  1. That you have working knowledge of teaching or training adults using appropriate methodologies.




  1. That you possess knowledge of Jamaica’s history, culture, languages, and social norms within different communities



11.    That you possess the ability to work with people from different cultures who may have different values and beliefs from your own.





The job requires the successful LCFs to live in the training community for a duration of time. Additionally, there are some activities that might require the LCFs to work outside of the stipulated work hours.


  1. Are you willing and able to live in the training community with your peers for a maximum of 10 weeks?




  1. Are you able to work on weekends and evenings as necessary?




14.   Are you able to drive and in possession of a valid Jamaican Driver’s License?




Provide the name and contact information of three (3) References, one of which must be a professional reference:








This application form must be sent along with your cover letter and resume for consideration.

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  • Location: Kingston

  • Sector: Public Sector

  • Category: Education

  • Posted On: Nov 1, 2019

  • Deadline: Nov 16, 2019

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