Job Description

invite applications from suitably qualified persons to fill the post of Parish  Disaster  Coordinator (GMG/ AM 3) (not vacant)  in the St. Catherine Municipal  Corporation salary range $1,181,789-1,404,775   per annum and any allowance (s) attached to the post:



Job Purpose

Under the direction and supervision of the Chief Executive Officer and working in close

collaboration with the Regional Disaster Coordinator, Office of the Disaster Preparedness & Emergency Management (ODPEM), the incumbent is responsible for coordinating disaster management activities within the parish. In particular, responsible for providing the Parish Disaster Committee, Government Agencies, the Private Sector and Voluntary organizations with the necessary advice and assistance in implementing disaster management measures and

ensuring that they are fully conversant with and understand the section of the Parish and natural

Disaster Plan relating to their particular organization or community.


The Disaster Coordinator is also responsible for monitoring, on a continuous basis, existing disaster management arrangement in the Parish to ensure adequate response in times of disasters; and to ensure that there is readiness on the part of all concerned to cope with disaster

emergencies and situation of a similar nature.


Key Outputs


  • Risk management plans, programmes and initiatives
  • Communication and sensitization efforts aimed at increasing awareness among citizens towards community risks and mitigation strategies/practices
  • Recommendations on changes/improvements to be made to risk management practices and procedures to increase their effectiveness
  • Monthly reports on the risk management initiatives of the Corporation as well as the issues/complaints of citizens that have emerged and the status of efforts to resolve same


Job Responsibilities

Managementl Administrative Responsibilities:


  • Liaising with the Regional Disaster Coordinator of the ODPEM
  • Ensuring that he/she knows and clearly understands the duties and responsibilities of his/her post
  • Overseeing preparation of Disaster Plans for the parish, communities and key operations
  • Identifying major disaster risk factors/situations and prepare mitigation strategies and interventions
  • Overseeing process to identify/prepare emergency shelters and response mechanisms
  • Be fully knowledgeable about the National and Parish Disaster Plans; and the disaster with disaster management measures that have been developed to cope with disaster situations
  • Be the Secretary and Executive Advisor to the Parish Disaster Committee in his/her parish


  • Maintaining contact  with coordinators  of adjoining  parishes,  develop  mutual  aid plans through  discussions,  field visits and be aware of situations/hazards   which  could pass threats  to his/her parish
  • Passing  on the Parish Disaster  Committees  information  and advice received  from

ODIPERC  and the Parish Disaster  Committee  of adjacent  parishes

  • Meeting and discussing  with representatives   of Parish Disaster  Committees,  government, private  and voluntary  organizations,  disaster  management  plans and programs  to be implemented  by them and provide  the necessary  guidance  for their implementation
  • Visiting government,  private  and voluntary  organizations  to make on the spot observations  and assessment  of disaster  management  arrangements  where  necessary, make suggestions  for improvements
  • Ensuring that all the resources  necessary,  in case of a disaster  or an emergency,  are readily  accessible,  by examining  existing  facilities,  equipment  and supplies  and making formal  arrangements  to secure their release  from the government,  private  and voluntary agencies  concerned
  • Developing and implementing   appropriate  systems  and procedures  that will ensure effective  distribution  of items sent to his/ her parish  by Head Office
  • Undertaking, in collaboration  with agencies  concerned,  a continuous  assessment  and reassessment  of potential  hazards  in the particular  parish  and the resources  available  to cope will them.  Where necessary  recommend  this corrective  measure  to be adopted
  • Undertaking simulation  exercises  in the particular  parish,  in collaboration  with organizations  and persons  that have assigned  disaster  management  responsibilities   to test the effectiveness  of disaster  management  and response  measures  and where  necessary

and to improve  on them

  • Undertaking periodic  review  and update  of Parish  Disaster  Plan based on simulations  or actual events
  • Advising ODPEM  on the need for training  of persons  involved  in disaster  management activities
  • Preparing and submitting  monthly  reports  on the status of disaster  management arrangements  in the particular  parish.  These reports  include  information  on: the number and condition  of available  shelters,  equipment,  vehicles,  materials,  supplies,  medical facilities  and volunteers  and any deficiencies  which have identified  areas or buildings which have been identified  as constituting  potential  risks and the steps taken to cope with them,  stimulation  exercises  which  have been undertaken  and the results  of these

exercises;  the adequacy  or otherwise  of communication   systems  within  the parish.

  • Preparing and submitting  to the Chief Executive  Officer  (Emergency  Operation),  for approval  quarterly  itineraries  of planned  visits within  his/her  parish
  • Liaising with officers  and Inspectors  of the Public  Assistance/Emergency    Relief Branch of the Ministry  of Labour  and Social Security  and with non-governmental   organizations to ensure the existence  of adequate  disaster  management  and response  measures,

establish  a good working  relationship  and agree on response  measures  to be instituted  in times of disaster

  • Liaising with zonal and community  groups on disaster  management  activities  and training  for these  group
  • Coordinating, facilitating  and directing  response  operations  in his/her  parish  by close liaison with Senior Officers  of the emergency  services  and forces, private  and voluntary agencies  with response  and recovery  functions  using available  resources  and obtaining the participation  of the people  in affected  area(s)  as completely  and as efficiently  as possible
  • Coordinating  victims'  registration  verification  and distribution  of benefits;
  • Evaluating the conditions  at disaster  sites to assess the needs of victims  and determine assistance  to be given
  • Undertaking  post-disaster   surveys  to assess extent  of suffering  and damage  and submit  a

written  report to the Secretary

  • Maintaining constant  contact  with the ODPEM  in times of disaster,  to keep it informed  of the existing
  • The Coordinator  Disaster  Preparedness  is required  to establish  and maintain  contact  with

the following  persons  in the parish,  representatives   of Government  and non-Government organizations  having  disaster  management  roles; the Red Cross and other voluntary organizations;   the security  forces; the utilities  companies  and the fire department.   Such contacts  are needed  to provide  these persons  with the necessary  information  or advice on


disaster  management   concepts  and techniques  and to discuss  and agree on arrangements for the use of facilities,  equipment,   etc. in times  of disaster  and to ensure  the utmost cooperation  with the agencies  concerned

  • Implementing  and promoting  a parish  public  education  programmes   in consultation  with the Parish  Disaster  Committee  and the Office  of Disaster  Preparedness   and Emergency Management
  • Monitoring and reporting  on existing  mitigation  projects  in the parish,  funded  by international   donor agencies/government
  • Ensuring the establishment   and viability  of district  and community-based   disaster activities  in the parish
  • In conjunction with the Fire Services  and security  personnel  prepare  adequate  evacuation and rescue  plans
  • Monitoring the storage  and disposal  of hazardous  materials  and solid and liquid waste in consultation  with the ODPEM
  • Ensuring rapid assessment  of any post disaster  situations  so as to advise  on the declaration  of disaster  areas in the parish


Performance Standards


  • Key services delivered within agreed timeline to required standard;
  • Recommendations that will lead to improvement in the Disaster Management profile and practices of the parish;
  • Effective monitoring and evaluation systems to assess the implementation of relevant strategies are in place;
  • Confidentiality and integrity are exercised


Key Competencies


  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of disaster management strategies
  • Sound analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Excellent organizational and follow-up skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent time management skill;
  • Excellent knowledge of the strategic and operational arms of the Local Government
  • The ability to be pro-active in identifying potential concerns and following up to resolve such issues as is required


Required Qualifications and Experience


>-    First Degree in Urban and Regional Planning or Disaster Management, Public

Administration, Sociology

>-    Training in Disaster Management



>-     Civil Service entry requirements (i.e.  4 CXC/GCE O'Level passes)



>-    At least 5 years' experience in Community Risk Management including 3 years at a

management level


Special Conditions associated with the job


>-    Required to work outside of normal office hours as needed to meet reporting deadlines


Applications  accompanied  by resumes  should be submitted  no later  than  10111  July,  2020 to:




Local  Government  Services  Commission

Office  of the  Services  Commissions

Ministry  of Finance and  the Public  Service  Complex

2"° Floor,  G Block

30 National Heroes  Circle

Kingston 4


Please  note  that  only short-listed  applicants  will be contacted.


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