Cabinet Recording Secretariat Officer (GMG/SEG 1)Admin & Office

Office of the Prime Minister

Cabinet Recording Secretariat Officer (GMG/SEG 1) - (3 Posts - Not  Vacant) in the Cabinet  Recording Secretariat  of  the Cabinet Support  anPolicy Division, Office of the Cabinet, salary range $1,502,063 - $1,785,481 per annum and any allowance(s) attached to the post.



Job Purpose


Reporting to the Director, Cabinet Recording Secretariat, the Cabinet Recording Secretariat Officer is required to provide logistical, administrative and records management support to the Cabinet and its Committees as assigned. In carrying out these duties, the Officer will record the proceedings of Cabinet and Cabinet Committee meetings as assigned, handle highly classified information and documents, prepare Cabinet and Cabinet Committee Agendas and related documentation and facilitate the timely circulation to Ministries prior to scheduled meetings.



Key Responsibilities


         Attends meetings, records deliberations and produces accurate Minutes of Cabinet and

Cabinet Committee meetings as assigned;

     Summarizes   Cabine Submissions,   Notes   an other   document submitted   for consideration by the Cabinet and its Committees;

         Produces Minutes in a timely manner for vetting by the Director;

     Prepares and circulates Agendas, Cabinet Submissions and Notes and other documents for meetings to Cabinet Ministers and other officials prior to meetings;

     Compiles and collates Minutes and Cabinet Decisions for circulation to Cabinet Ministers and other officials;

     Maintains the Records Management System for classification, filing, storage, retrieval and  disposal  of  Cabinet  documents,  ensuring  proper  storage  and  easy  retrieval  of

confidential documents;

         Develops electronic copy of Minutes for storage in electronic filing system;

     Researches electronic database and hard copy collections to retrieve information as requested;

         Co-ordinates  the  logistic  arrangements  for  the  dispatch  of  Cabinet  documents  to

Ministries and other stipulated Departments of Government;

         Makes the necessary arrangements for booking of meeting rooms, and refreshments for

Cabinet Committee meeting;

         Prepares, lists and maintains daily records of Submissions and Notes and submits to the

Director, the Cabinet Secretary and the Chief Technical Director;

     Maintains  register  of  documents  for  Cabinet  Committee  assigned;  processes  and circulates documents to Committee members;

         Maintains record of Destruction Certificates for Cabinet documents;

         Controls distribution and maintains record of Cabinet Ministers’ security bags and boxes;

     Manages the flow of correspondence and makes necessary referrals to ensure the timely response to requests;

     Responds to routine queries from Permanent Secretaries and other Government officials and refers unusual requests to the Director;

         Provides  information  on  the  procedures  involved  in  the  conduct  of  Cabinet  and

Committee Meetings;

         Participates in the development of training material on Cabinet Meeting processes.



Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies


         Excellent note-taking, Minutes and report writing skills

         Excellent listening and recording skills




         High level of reading fluency and writing proficiency

         Pays keen attention to detail

         Excellent interpersonal skills

         High levels of integrity and confidentiality

         Excellent grasp of the English Language

         Strong editing and proof-reading skills

         Ability to exercise discretion and sound judgment

         Ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines

         Ability to effectively work in a team environment

         Good co-ordination and organizing skills

         Knowledge of Records Management Systems

         Ability to communicate orally and in writing in a clear and concise manner

         Ability to summarise high level policy discussions



Minimum Required Qualification and Experience


         Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, History or related discipline;

         Experience in Report Writing would be an asset;

     Knowledge of the procedures and protocol for the conduct of Cabinet and its Committee meetings would be an asset;

        Three (3) years’ experience performing similar duties.



Special Conditions Associated with the Job:


         May be required to work long hours and on weekends;

         Long hours sitting in meetings and at computer station.



Applications   accompanied   by   résumés   shoul be   submitted    no   later   tha Friday, 19th July, 2019 to:


Senior Director

Human Resource Development and Management Division

Office of the Prime Minister

1 Devon Road

Kingston 10





Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


1 Days Left to Apply

Job Details

  • Location: Kingston

  • Sector: Public Sector

  • Category: Admin & Office

  • Posted On: Jul 12, 2019

  • Deadline: Jul 18, 2019

Salary Grade: GMG/SEG 1

Starting Salary (Gross/yr) $1,502,063.36 JMD

Max Salary (Gross/yr) $1,785,480.64 JMD

Primary Industry:Admin & Office

Secondary Industry: Admin & Office