Urban Planner (SOG/ST 6) – Urban and Regional Planning Unit

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Urban Planner (SOG/ST 6) – Urban and Regional Planning Unit

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Job Purpose


Reporting to the Director, Urban and Regional Planning, the incumbent is required to provide support to facilitate the implementation of the core functions of the Unit. The incumbent will also participate in the delivery of the Urban Planning and Development functions of the Ministry, specifically   in   relatio t Urban   Planning   modeling sustainable   growth,   sustainable development planning interrelationship to Disaster Risk Management, application of Geographical Information  Systems  (GIS)  to the  planning  environment  and  the  design  and development of the Ministrys community/planning focus projects


Key Responsibilities


     Participates in the formulation of the planning, organizing, direction and co-ordination of activities of the Urban/Regional Planning and Development Unit;

         Participates in the development of the preparation of Work Plans;

     Provides advice to the Director on Urban Planning and Development issues including interpretation of the Planning Regulatory Framework/System, Urban Development and Urban Renewal, Poverty Alleviation, Disaster Risk Management, Environment/Natural Resources Management, Transportation Planning and Traffic Management, Population and Settlements;

     Conducts  research  of  Urban  Planning  models  and  review  sustainable  development planning initiatives;

     Manages the implementation of reform initiatives such as AMANDA to improve the development applications process and recommends the use of information, statistics

and projections to define key issues and goals for an improved planning system and

develops manuals, where appropriate;

         Collects, analyzes, forecasts and maps trends in the development applications process;

     Participates in the design, development and implementation of the Ministrys projects which have a community/planning focus, such as parks upgrading and maintenance, heritage and culture, Urban Development and renewal and civic addressing;

     Participates in the evaluation of Ministrys activities for determination of consistency and coherence of different policies related to Urban Planning, Community Development and Environmental Management by collaborating with relevant Agencies and Departments under the Ministry;

     Collaborates  with  relevant  Agencies  and  Departments  under  the  Ministry  in  the development of policy positions on effective Urban/Regional Planning, Community Development and Environmental Management;

     Contributes to the  preparation  of  Quarterly/Annual  Reports  on  UrbaPlanning  and development strategies and objectives of the Ministry;

     Manages initiatives to ensure the inclusion of City/Urban Management considerations in the development applications process and Sustainable Development planning;

     Facilitates  strategic  neighbourhood  action  plan  programs,  urban  renewal  initiatives, community based planning initiatives and environmental consideration, as well as give

consideration to new trends in planning;

         Designs and conducts workshops, seminars and field visits to address the preparation of

Urban Strategies to inform sustainable development projects;

         Ensures themes of Urban Strategy and developments are aligned with the National

Development Plan and current policy directives, nationally and locally;

     Collaborates with the Regional Planner and the Ministry responsible for planning for synchronization of the sustainable development plans with development orders of each


     Collaborates  with  Local  Authorities  to  prepare  project  plans  for  local  sustainable development.



Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies


         Highly developed Interpersonal skills

         Excellent Oral and Written Communication skills

         Excellent Planning and Organizing skills

         Proficiency in the use of relevant computer applications

         Sound judgment and integrity/ethics exercised in the performance of duties

         Ability to lead teams and delegate responsibilities

         Excellent Analytical and Problem Solving skills

         Ability to manage public/private partnerships

         Awareness of international trends in Urban Planning and Environmental Management

         Appreciation of international protocols affecting sustainable development in Jamaica

         Excellent knowledge of Physical Planning and Environmental Legislation and regulations



Minimum Required Qualification and Experience


         Bachelor of Science Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, City Management, Natural

Resources Management, Geography or related discipline;

         Two (2) years’ experience in Urban Planning.


Applications  accompanied  by  résumés  shoul be  submitted   no  late tha Wednesday, 23rd January, 2019 to:


Senior Director

Human Resource Management and Development

Ministry of LocaGovernment and Community Development

61 Hagley Park Road

Kingston 10


Email: hrd@mlgcd.gov.jm

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