Regional Manager (GMG/SEG 2) – Human Services Division

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Regional Manager (GMG/SEG 2) – Human Services Division

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Job Purpose


Reporting to the Secretary, Board of Supervision, the incumbent is responsible for conducting Social  Research,  inspections,  special  investigations  and  enquiries  intmatters  relating  to indigent and destitute persons within his/her Division.   The incumbent also supervises and evaluates any system of Management and Administration of relief to the poor in the Parish Councils and other organizations in receipt of Government funding.



Key Responsibilities


         Participates in the planning and Strategic direction of the Division’s Operational and

Work Plans;

         Visits, observes, examines and collects data on the Administration of Poor Relief in the

Infirmaries, Golden Age Homes and Outdoor Poor Relief Departments;

     Examines the manner in which Poor Relief and any other welfare programmes are administered in each parish and makes the necessary reports to the Secretary or takes

remedial action, if required;

         Ensures optimum nursing and medical care is given to poor persons in institutions;

     Makes special investigations into Poor Relief Operations and Management as requested by the Councils, the Ministry and the Board of Supervision and other relevant sources;

     Networks with the social services as a part of investigation with aim to ensure a holistic approach in the care of the clients;

     Carries out enquiries into matters relevant to destitute and indigent persons and/or staff related concerns;

         Adjudicates applications for indigent housing relief assistance to poor persons;

     Investigates and evaluates complaints made against the performance of Poor Relief Officers and takes appropriate action to bring the matters to the awareness of the Secretary of the Board of Supervision;

     Visits on a regular basis, Infirmaries and make enquiries and observe the quality of institutional care being offered to the Inmates with a view of ensuring that the quality

care is of an acceptable standard and is in keeping with what is approved by the Board

of Supervision;

     Ensures proper preparation of reports by Inspectors of Poor and Secretary/Managers for submission to the Secretary, Board of Supervision;

     Prepares Annual Reports on the programmes relating to the welfare of the poor for submission to the Secretary of the Board of Supervision for distribution to the Minister

and respective Agencies such as the P.I.O.J.;



         Assists in preparing a revised description of rules and regulations for submission to the

Secretary for the Boards approval, when necessary;

         Supervises and evaluates Relief Management and Administration in the Kingston and

St. Andrew Corporation (K.S.A.C.), Parish Councils and other Organizations in receipt of

Government funding;

     Sensitizes Poor Relief Officers on poverty alleviating programmes, Government policies, Boards Rules and Regulations regarding Poor Relief Administration through seminars, conferences, memoranda and one on one discussions;

         Reviews constantly, the Poor Relief Act, Rules and Regulations;

         Participates in directing the operations of Emergency Relief within the parishes;

         Participates in organizing the management of Emergency Relief Programmes;

         Receives and investigates appeals from aggrieved applicants;

     Monitors  and  evaluates  the  performance  of  Direct  Reports,  prepares  Performance Appraisals and recommends and/or initiates corrective actions, where necessary, to improve performance and/or attain established personal and/or organizational goals;

     Participates in the general recruitment of staff for the Unit and recommends transfers, promotion,  termination  and  leave  in  accordance  with  established  Human  Resource

policies and procedures;

     Develops and implements, in collaboration with the Human Resource Department, a programme  of  Succession  Planning  for  the  Division  to  facilitate  continuity  and  the

availability of required skills and competencies to meet the needs of the Division;

     Provides  leadership  and  guidance  to  Direct  Report   through  effective  planning, delegation, communication, training, mentoring and coaching;

     Ensures  the  welfare  and  developmental  needs  of  staff  in  the  Division  are  clearly identified and addressed;

         Establishes  and  maintains  a  system  that  fosters  a  culture  of  teamwork,  employee

empowerment and commitment to the Divisions and Organizations goals.

     Performs any duties and responsibilities as may be determined by the Secretary, Board of Supervision (BoS) from time to time.



Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies



         Excellent Oral and Written Communication skills

         Excellent Interpersonal and Customer Relations skills

         Excellent integrity and ethics exercised in the performance of duties



         Excellent Problem Solving skills

         Excellent Leadership skills

         Ability to work in a team

         Proficiency in the use of relevant computer applications

         Knowledge of Psychology (Human Growth and Development)



Minimum Required Qualification and Experience


         Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work/Sociology from a recognized Tertiary institution;

         Experience in dealing with the aged, infirmed and destitute persons and should be a

practicing Poor Relief Officer with at least five (5) years’ experience. 

Applications  accompanied  by  résumés  shoul be  submitted   no  late tha Wednesday, 23rd January, 2019 to:


Senior Director

Human Resource Management and Development

Ministry of LocaGovernment and Community Development

61 Hagley Park Road

Kingston 10



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