Expenditure Management Officer (FMG/AT 2) Accounting & Finance

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade


Job Purpose


Reporting to the Director, Management Accounts, the Expenditure Management Officer is responsible for recording commitments for goods and services made on behalf of the Ministry in keeping with the Ministrys budget and discharges these commitments when the goods and services have been delivered and funds are available.



Key Responsibilities


         Reviews unexpended vote and approves requests for commitments from Programme


         Checks uncommitted vote on the Government Financial Management System (GFMS)

to ascertain if resources are available to cover Purchase Orders;

         Codes, commits and dispatches Purchase Orders;

         Records Purchase Order Commitment data on the GFMS tracking system;

     Monitors bank balances on the GFMS and at the bank to ensure adequacy of resources and makes funds available to meet invoices and claims approved for payment;

         Ensures that the GFMS Commitment Module for the Missions are updated daily;

     Checks coding of invoices received from the Administration and Office Management Unit and other Departments;

         Checks the GFMS bank balance and funds the payment of invoices;

         Discharges commitments for the preparation of cheques;

         Enters commitments and discharges in the GFMS tracking system;

     Reviews Work-in-Progress and advises Supervisor of Purchase Orders to be committed and Commitments not discharged for lack of funds;

         Checks the GFMS monthly reports to ensure accuracy of ‘Uncommitted Vote’ before

submission to Programme Managers;

     Generates  monthly  reports  for  Uncommitted  Vote,  undischarged  commitments  and unpaid invoices (accounts payable) for each programme.



Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies


         Familiarity with the mandate and role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

         Sound knowledge of the Financial Administration and Audit Act

         Comprehensive knowledge of Government Accounting principles and practices

         Good interpersonal and customer service skills

         Ability to work in teams

         Good oral and written communication skills

         Good organizing skills

         Working knowledge of relevant computer applications



Minimum Required Qualification and Experience


         AAT Level 2, or;

         ACCA-CAT Level B, or;

         Certificate in Accounting from a recognized University, or;

         Completion of second year in Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting/Management

Studies or BBA at a recognized University, or;

         Associate of Science Degree in Accounting, MIND, or;

         Government Accounting Level 2 - Modules 1-5.

Applications  accompanied  by  résumés  shoul be  submitted   no  late tha Wednesday, 24th July, 2019 to:


Senior Director

Human Resource Management and Development

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

21 Dominica Drive

Kingston 5


E-mail hrmassistant@mfaft.gov.jm


7 Days Left to Apply

Job Details

  • Location: Kingston

  • Sector: Public Sector

  • Category: Accounting & Finance

  • Posted On: Jul 12, 2019

  • Deadline: Jul 24, 2019

Salary Grade: FMG/AT 2

Starting Salary (Gross/yr) $873,414.29 JMD

Max Salary (Gross/yr) $1,038,214.73 JMD

Primary Industry:Accounting & Finance

Secondary Industry: Accounting & Finance