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Sunday, 9th February 2020
Monday, 24th February 2020
Department:Strategic Human Resource Management Division
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Full Time

Job Description:

Under the general supervision of the Principal Director, the Senior Director, Human Resource Policy manages the Public Sector HR Research and Policy Development portfolio, HR Policy Monitoring & Evaluation, identifying emerging HR policy issues (Risks), determining their impact on public sector people management and ensuring a whole-of-government approach is used in the research and design of timely, integrative and effective HR policy response solutions.

Technical/Professional Responsibilities:
• Develops operating policies and procedures for the Branch ensuring that they remain relevant and in- keeping with professional good practices;
• Identifies researches and escalates policy issues, key trends and themes to ensure a solid evidence base is available to inform decision making;
• Develops, implements and maintains strategic human resource policy framework for the public sector;
• Coordinates and manages the operations of the Public Sector HR Network to develop corporate HR perspectives, norms, values and standards;
• Prepares action plans to promote the development of HRM capacity in MDAs and increase the professionalism of the Public Service HRM community;
• Partners with the Management Institute for National Development in the design and maintenance of the Public Sector Competency Framework;
• Conducts research and analysis required to develop policies, relevant legislation, programmes and evaluation tools relevant to key policy issues;
• Experiments with new and innovative policy tools and trains teams in new policy and research techniques and practices;
• Formulates strategies and analyses techniques and practices in strategic Human Resource Management;
• Leads policy research and development for the Pensions and Compensation and Implementation Branches;
• Has responsibility for monitoring and evaluation of policies created for the CEMB and the Workforce Planning Branch
• Develops human resource risk management policies and procedures to ensure the appropriate control/management of risks;
• Provides advice on legislative frameworks, ministry papers and consultant reports as assigned;
• Leads the research, analysis, development, horizontal integration and articulation of Ministry human resource policies;
• Provides advice and guidance to MDAs and other governmental organizations on trends, policy analysis and recommendations with regards to HRM policy matters and their impacts;
• Builds and maintains cross-sectoral policy framework at the strategic level to ensure there is an integrated approach to HRM policy development and that policy initiatives support the government's overall policy direction;
• Conducts environmental scans in support of policy analysis and development;
• Oversees the engagement of the public in open policy development process engaging the public at all phases of the policy development cycle and promotes and supports the development of innovative consultation tools and processes;
• Contributes to the development and implementation of knowledge management strategies and processes to ensure consistent capture of intellectual capital to support evidence-based policy making
• Adapts monitoring and evaluation principles, approaches, systems and tools to ensure timely data/information to inform policy development and decision making;
• Monitors and evaluates the performance of Human Resource programmes and practices in MDAs, and provides advice on the impact of new programmes or strategies and the regulatory implications on the management of the Human Resource function within the Public Sector; Participates in the development of the Human Resource risk management policies and procedures to ensure the appropriate management of risks;
• Conducts needs assessment surveys and ensures policies and strategies support the mapping of needs to opportunities in project/activities design;
• Conducts research, analyses data and information and provide technical papers/ reports to facilitate decisions to support adaptive management policies and strategies;
• Assists with the development of M&E systems for the coordinated design, planning, management and monitoring of programmes/projects within Human Resource Management priority areas and liaises with MDAs in the implementation of these systems;
• Contributes to the development and implementation of performance monitoring and evaluation strategies;
• Conducts evaluation/impact assessment studies of key projects/programmes to ensure the achievement of development outcomes and identify possible gaps that require policy solutions;
• Formulates M&E recommendations for improving implementation performance and the design of policies, programmes and projects;
• Conducts ongoing reviews of the implementation of M&E systems within the Division and makes recommendations for improvements;
• Designs, facilitates and coordinates recommended capacity building initiatives, such as workshops and training programmes for relevant stakeholders, in order to facilitate a culture of results-based management in keeping with policy guidelines;
• Monitors compliance in programme or project adherence to relevant legal regulations, organizational standards and policies by conducting regular inspections to detect areas that violate the guidelines to inform policy solutions as appropriate;
• Organizes and coordinates training programmes for stakeholders to help update their skills, technical abilities and professional knowledge, which are crucial for maintaining high monitoring and evaluation management standards;
• Keeps abreast of best practices and trends in M&E and makes recommendations for their inclusion in current and future projects, programmes and policies;
• Represents the Division at meetings, conferences, courses, seminars, committee meetings and workshops as assigned;
• Prepares notes for Cabinet and periodic and/or ad-hoc reports on matters related to the monitoring and evaluation activities of the Division;
• Performs related work as may be required.

Management /Administrative Responsibilities:
• Participates in the development of the operational plan and associated budget for the Branch;
• Manages the work of the Section against agreed performance targets;
• Coordinates the assignment of work within the Section to ensure that staff is effectively utilized and productivity optimized;
• Attends management meetings and reports on related activities;
• Represents the Branch on various special committees within and outside the portfolio areas to represent the interests of the government particularly with respect to HR policy issues.
• Participates as a member of the senior management team in the design/review of the strategic direction of the Division and other policy related issues;
• Convenes meetings with staff to ensure effective, efficient and accurate management of the work of the Section.

Human Resource Responsibilities:
• Provides leadership and guidance through effective planning, delegation, communication, training, mentoring, coaching and discipline;
• Evaluates and monitors the performance of staff in the Section and implements appropriate strategies;
• Coordinates the development of individual work plans and recommends performance targets for the staff assigned;
• Participates in the recruitment and training of staff of the Branch;
• Recommends transfer, promotion and leave in accordance with established Human Resource Policies and Procedures;
• Identifies skills/competencies gaps and contributes to the development and succession planning for the Branch to ensure adequate staff capacity;
• Monitors the performance of staff and facilitates the timely and accurate completion of the staff annual performance appraisals and other periodic reviews;
• Ensures the wellbeing of staff supervised;
• Participates in the establishment and maintenance of a system that fosters a culture of teamwork, employee empowerment and commitment to the goals of the Division;
• Ensures that staff supervised is aware of, and adhere to the general policies, procedures and regulations of the Ministry and wider Public Service.

Customer Service Responsibilities:
• Maintains customer service principles, standards and measurements for the Branch;
• Develops a customer- focused monitoring and evaluation system that identifies issues and provides guidance to MDAs in the implementation of strategic human resource polices, guidelines and procedures;
• Prepares quarterly and/or annually Customer Service reports in accordance with established standards

• Ability to think and act at the strategic level
• Critical thinking skills
• Results-oriented
• Ability to work well in a team or alone
• Excellent leadership, team-building and people management skills
• Excellent judgment, analytical and problem-solving skills
Superior strategic planning competencies
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Excellent research, statistical and organizational development skills
• Working knowledge of information technology and productivity software and their applications
• Excellent at time management and meeting deadlines

• Thorough knowledge of the Public Sector environment and the machinery of Government
• Excellent knowledge of Human resource Management principles and practices
• Excellent policy development skills

 Master's Degree in Public Administration, Public Policy, Government or Human Resource Management or equivalent qualifications
 Specialized training in Policy Development or related area
 At least five (5) years' experience in public policy development and research
 Training in supervisory management

The environment provides for on-going interactions with clients/partners which will result in high degrees of pressure on occasions.

• Basic Salary: $3,394,286 - $4,034,739 per annum
• Travelling Allowance: $1,697,147 per annum

Interested persons should forward their applications and resume' no later than Monday, February 24, 2020, to the: -
Senior Director Human Resource Management & Development
Human Resource Management & Development Branch
Ministry of Finance & the Public Service
30 National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4

We thank every applicant for the interest expressed; however please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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