Stores Assets Administrator (Quarter Master)

Jamaica Defence Force

Stores Assets Administrator (Quarter Master)

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Job purpose


The  Stores  Assets  Administrator  (Quarter  Master)   is  responsible  for  the  control  and management of assets and supplies to include arms, ammunitions, vehicles, and equipment assigned to the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force (JCCF), in keeping with the applicable rules and guidelines.



Key Responsibilities


     Monitors the distribution of arms and ammunitions to authorized personnel for respective training and shooting competitions;

         Visits outstation Arms Stores island-wide and verifies stocks in storage;

         Arranges escort and security of arms and ammunitions being transported island-wide;

         Inspects JCCF and outstations Armouries and prepares Inspection Reports;

     Manages the receipt and issuance of supplies and equipment in order to ensure the safe custody of such items;

     Prepares costing for menus and makes the necessary arrangements to obtain rations and food supplies from suppliers;

         Supervises the storage and issuing of ration and food supplies;

     Supervises the operations of  the kitchen and coohouses and ensures meals are prepared and served according to menus and general Industry standards;

     Ensures that policies and procedures are in place for the collection, distribution and allocation of all stores, uniforms and equipment on charge to the JCCF;

     Conducts  investigations  of  damages  or  variances  identified  and  prepares  reports including costs and submits to Adjutant Training Officer;

         Conducts Audits of Units within the JCCF (73 Units island-wide);

         Issues instructions to Units for the control and operation for the Unit stores;

         Makes arrangement for the laundering of clothing under centralized control;

     Manages the allocation, care and maintenance of accommodation stores e.g. beds, cots, mattresses, shovels, pots and forks, etc.;

     Inspects buildings and makes arrangements for repairs and maintenance to be carried out;

     Requests and makes arrangements for repairs of equipment and any other items as deemed necessary;

         Manages and facilitates the transportation needs of the JCCF;

         Manages the logistics and movement of troops for JCCF activities;



     Visits Cadet Units and external warehouse island-wide to conduct training and annual inspection;

     Prepares Budgets for camps, courses, workshops and any other activity being organized by the JCCF;

         Manages funds from Tuck Shop sales or fees collected in relation to JCCF activities;

     Maintains the Register and accounts for all Civilian Labourers utilized at camps and training courses;

         Procures goods and services for the JCCF;

         Conducts Quartermaster Administration courses at all levels within the JCCF.



Required knowledge, skills and competencies


     Working knowledge of the Financial Administration and Audit (FAA) Act, the Financial Management Regulations, Procurement guidelines and other applicable guidelines as promulgated by the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

         Knowledge of Asset inventory and management

         Knowledge of the Organizations policies and procedures

         High level of integrity and professionalism maintained

         Ability to pay attention to detail

         Good Time Management skills



Minimum Required Qualification and Experience


         Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences or equivalent from a recognized University;

         Two (2) years’ experience with at least one (1) year in Asset Management;

         A trained member of the JCCF.



Special Conditions Associated with the Job


         Will be required to work beyond the normal working hours;

         Will be required to work on weekends and public holidays;

         Required to travel island-wide;

         Office is located some distance from the main entrance;

         May be subjected to search based on JDFs rule;

         Will be required to work in fields or in thick vegetation, occasionally;

         Required to handle weapons and ammunition.

Applications  accompanied  by  résumés  shoul be  submitted   no  late tha Wednesday, 23rd January, 2019 to:


Human Resource anAdministration Manager

Jamaica Defence Force

Up Park Camp

Kingston 5





Please note that only short listed applicants will be contacted.

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Stores Assets Administrator (Quarter Master) from Jamaica Defence Force Take home pay calculations

Description     Amount   Description   Amount
Monthly Basic Salary     $111,968.40
  NIS:   $2,799.21
        Income Tax   $0.00
      NHT   $2,239.37
          Education Tax   $2,456.31
    Total Earnings: $111,968.40   Total Deductions   $7,494.88
  Net Pay:   $104,473.51

Stores Assets Administrator (Quarter Master) Monthly Payslip

Gross Salary:  $111,968.40
-Income Tax:  $0.00
-NIS:  $2,799.21
-Education Tax:  $2,456.31
-NHT:  $2,239.37
Total Deductions:  $7,494.88
=Net Salary:  $104,473.51
Work Week:  40 Hours/w
Gross Hourly Rate:  $699.80 /hr
Net Hourly Rate:  $652.96 /hr
Statutory Income  $109,169.19
Taxable Income:  $0.00
Income Tax Threshold:  1500096.00
Income Tax Threshold (monthly):  $125,008.00

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