Senior Director, Human Resource Management and Development (GMG/SEG 4)

Department of Correctional Services


Senior Director, Human Resource Management and Development (GMG/SEG 4)

  • Deadline: Apr 26, 2019

Job Purpose


Under general supervision of the Senior Director, Human Resource Management and Administration, the incumbent is responsible for the overall management and development of Human Resources in the Department of Correctional Services, ensuring that capable staff is attracted, recruited, developed and retained to provide competences required to support a high performing organization.


The incumbent is also responsible for giving technical guidance and ensuring that the relevant policies and best practices are implemented and upheld, to achieve organizational efficiencies and effectiveness in accordance with the Vision and Mission of the organization.



Key Responsibilities



     Interprets  and  guides  the  implementation  of  Human  Resource  (HR)  policies  and programmes in keeping with established Government guidelines; determines objectives and priorities within programmes and provides co-ordination and integration of HR policy and programme initiatives;

     Leads  the development  of  the  HR  strategy,  ensuring  its  alignment  tthe  strategic objectives of the Department; ensures that HR policies and procedures are documented and effectively communicated to staff;

     Develops the annual HR Plan and Budget and ensures its alignment to the strategic objectives of the Department; ensures that all relevant stakeholders including senior and line managers are actively and sufficiently engaged in the development of the HR Plan; reviews the Plan periodically to determine its continued relevance and the success of its implementation with consultation from relevant stakeholders;

     Manages the Budget for the Human Resource Management and Development  (HRMD) Branch in an efficient, effective and economical manner in accordance with relevant

legislation and guidelines;

     Establishes and maintains effective relationships with management to gain confidence and cooperation in the delivery of Human Resource services;



     Leads  in  the  development  of  a  performance  based  culture  within  the  Department, promotes and facilitates the devolution of pertinent HR functions to line mangers;

     Oversees the design, development and implementation of an integrated programmes that seeks to address issues and trends identified in the workforce plan such as an aging

workforce and the establishment of mentorship/coaching programmes to ensure the

retention of institutional knowledge;

     Develops and oversees the implementation of an effective recruitment and selection programme aimed at selecting and retaining competent and productive employees in keeping with established Government guidelines;

     Fosters   harmoniou relationships   at   the   workplace ensurin transparency   and acceptable standards of performance;

         Oversees  the  development  and  maintenance  of  a  competency  framework  for  the

Department that captures the core and technical competencies of each occupational group required for the achievement of the strategic objectives of the Department;

         Develops and maintains a Code of Conduct for the Department in line with the Staff

Orders  and  Public  Sector  Regulations  that  captures  the  desired  culture  of  the

Department; ensures compliance to the Code of Conduct;

         Oversees the development and implementation of a Corporate Training/Development

Plan to meet the needs of the Department in achieving its goals and objectives;

         Develops, reviews and implements Strategic Plans/Programmes to promote a healthy

Industrial Relations environment;

     Oversees the administration of the compensation, benefits and rewards programme ensuring consistency in administration to maintain equity across the Department;

     Oversees  the  development/review  of  employee  relations  practices  necessary  to establish  a  positive  employer-employee  relationship  and  promote  a  high  level  of

employee morale; leads the administration of the employees’ grievance procedures and

assists with employee counselling as necessary;

     Manages the administration of a staff welfare programme ensuring effectiveness and equity;

     Oversees the administration of Industrial Relations Strategy that fosters a culture of cooperation, fairness and mutual respect; participates in negotiations and establishes a

mechanism that enables effective dialogue between the Department and the Trade

Unions;  collaborates  with  the  Ministry of  Finance  and  the  Public  Service  for  wage negotiations on behalf of employees;

         Develops Strategic and Operational Plans for the Unit;

         Prepares and manages the Units Budget;

     Directs the recruitment and direction of staff in keeping with the changing needs of the organisation;

     Conducts periodic reviews of the organisation to promote efficiency in all areas of its operation.

         Leads and manage the Unit in achieving its stated objective;

     Oversees  the  administration  of  the  discipline  and  grievance  procedures,  ensuring consistency, fairness and equity in the workplace;

     Co-ordinates the review-development of job descriptions to ensure currency of jobs in meeting the needs of the organisation and makes recommendations for reclassifications

were necessary;

         Establishes  monitors,  maintains  and  evaluates  the  operations  of  a  Performance

Management Appraisal System;

     Ensures  the  proper  documentation,  easy  retrieval  and  access  to  information  as stipulated by law.



         Provides advice and guidance to Directors and Line Managers;

         Conducts interviews to recruit members of staff at all levels;

         Provides technical advice and interpretation of Human Resource policies;

         Develops the recruitment and retention strategies for staff;

         Ensures fair and partial disciplinary actions;

         Designs, directs and manage the issues related to organizational development;

     Conduct periodi cost   an productivit analysi an initiates   and/or   makes recommendations for changes where necessary to achieve established goals;

     Develops and implements a succession policy and plan for the Department to ensure continuity of and to build key and critical competencies including executive leadership in

collaboration with line managers and other members of the HRMD Division;

     Conducts needs assessment to evaluate and ensure the provision of the best training opportunities for staff development.



Human Resource Management:

         Monitors  and  evaluates  the  performance  of  Direct  Reports,  prepares  Performance

Appraisals  and  recommends  and/or  initiates  corrective  action,  where  necessary,  to improve performance and/or attain established personal and/or organizational goals;

     Participates in the recruitment of staff for the Unit and recommends transfers, promotion, termination and leave in accordance with established Human Resource policies and


     Provides leadership and guidance to Direct Report through effective planning delegation, communication, training, mentoring and coaching;

     Ensures the welfare and development needs of staff in the Unit are clearly identified and addressed;

         Establishes and maintains a system that fosters a culture of team work, employee

empowerment and commitment to the section’s and organizations goals.



Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies


         Good understanding of the principles of policy development, analysis and evaluation

         Sound knowledge of risk management principles

         Thorough understanding of the principles of effective Human Resource Management

     Sound knowledge of Education Regulations, Staff Orders, Public Service Regulations and other relevant Government Regulations

     Practical  knowledge  of  the  applied  use  of  information  technology  and  productivity software, such as Microsoft Office

         In-depth knowledge of laws specific to the operations of the organization

         Integrity and confidentiality

     Ability to exercise sound judgment and conviction of purpose in unfavourable/unpopular situations

         Strong customer orientation skills

         The ability to prioritize amongst conflicting demands

         Excellent interpersonal skills

         The ability to motivate and influence others

         Ability to think and act strategically across a range of functions

         Sound oral and written communication skills

         Excellent critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills

         Ability to understand the impact of policy changes on Human Resource Management



Minimum Required Qualification and Experience


     Masters Degree in Human Resource Management,  Business  Administration,  Public Management or equivalent professional qualification, plus ten (10) years’ expe