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Accountant General Department

Systems Analyst (MIS/IT 4) – (2 posts) in the Accountant General’s Department (AGD), salary range $1,566,140 – $1,861,649 per annum and any allowance(s) attached to the post.

Job Purpose

Reporting  to  the  Senior  Programmer,  the  Systems  Analyst,  in  collaboration  with  other Information Technology (IT)  staff,  is responsible for  designing  new IT  solutions, modifying, enhancing  or  adapting  existing  systems  and  integrating  new  features  or  improvements,  to improve the efficiency of the Treasury’s operations, productivity and effectiveness. In support of the development and maintenance of the Government’s Integrated Financial Management Information System (GIFMIS) and other enterprise wide systems, the incumbent ensures the development  of  applications  that  meet  the  needs  of  end  users,  administers  the  Operating Systems  (OS)  on  which  these  applications  reside  and  maintains  application  backup  and recovery schedules.

Key Responsibilities


Provides technical expertise and recommendations in assessing new IT software projects and initiatives to support and enhance the Treasury’s existing Microsoft based systems;

•         Makes recommendations on custom applications which include a number of MS-Access

Data Capture systems for stewardship and other databases which need to be moved into a central SQL repository;

•         Identifies  opportunities  that  can  improve  the  efficiency  of  the  Treasury’s  business


Investigates and resolves application functionality related issues and provides first level support and troubleshooting to all Treasury systems;

•         Co-ordinates application development for multiple projects;

•         Assists in troubleshooting software application issues;

Assists in managing an outsource relationship for 3rd party application development consultants;

•         Assists with application installation and testing;

Troubleshoots   technical   issues   and   identifies   modifications   needed   in   existing applications to meet changing user requirements;

Provides assistance and advice to all users in the effective use of applications and information technology;

•         Provides minor programming for some in-house IT projects;

Writes technical procedures and documentation for the applications including operations and user guide, etc.;

•         Produces technical documentation for new and existing applications;

Participates in weekly meetings with the IT network team to discuss progress and issues to be resolved and reports progress on a weekly basis to the Senior Programmer;

Participates in IT Project Steering Committees and be involved in the design phase of any new IT software development projects;

Assists in the creation of the system design and functional specifications for all new development projects;

Serves as a liaison and facilitator between all Divisions and Units to assist in addressing and resolving IT software issues;

Collaborates  with  Units  in  regard  to  business  process  re-engineering  and  develops system requirement specifications that meet those needs. 

Required knowledge, Skills and Competencies

Thorough   understanding   of   structured   programming   principles,   system   analysis techniques, system design, industry standard testing principles, system implementation, user training and follow-up

Thorough  understanding   of  multiple  platform  functions   including  Mini-Computers, Personal Computers and workstations, to include operating system, utilities, shared and peer function

A  deep  understanding  of  the  interdependent  relationship  between  infrastructure, information security and the applications/services they enable as well as the criticality of

maintaining strong connections between the respective teams within IT

•         Excellent understanding of multi-disciplinary nature of IT solutions

Ability  to  see  the  "big  picture"  across  such  areas  as  private  and  public  hosted infrastructure   and   services,   identity   management,   security,   telecommunications, enterprise storage, end user experience and training/education

Functional  understanding  of  project  management  principles  and  their  application  to infrastructure projects and teams

Analytical Thinking, Decision Making and Problem Solving skills: The capacity to analyze problems promptly, choose between alternatives and effect meaningful solutions

Performance  Management:  The  ability  to  align  resources,  systems,  standards  and activities to effectively, efficiently and consistently meet the goals and strategic objectives

of the Department in a consistent, effective and efficient manner

Strategic Vision: The ability to develop a clear vision of the desired future state of the Department, demonstrate awareness of and or anticipate changing environmental trends, industry opportunities and threats/risks

•         Strategic  Planning:  The  ability  to  develop  effective  plans  in  keeping  with  the

Department’s objectives, including to effectively review policy issues, determine priorities

and set medium and long term goals

•         Customer and Quality Focus: The ability to continuously ensure high standards of

quality and service delivery to meet customers’ expectations

Managing the Client Interface:  Ability to work effectively with others, both internal and external to the Department, to deliver acceptable, customer-oriented and high quality service

Collaboration and Team Work: The ability to be a collaborative business leader and an inspiring IT professional who shows a genuine intention to participate and work

co-operatively with others in pursuit of team goals

•         Ability to work effectively under pressure

Interpersonal   skills:   The   ability   to   display   sensitivity   towards   others,   interact collaboratively with colleagues and to build long term internal and external relationships

and gain support to achieve desired objectives

Leadership  and  Team  Building:  The  ability  to  provide  vision,  direction,  allocate responsibilities, delegate and motivate staff in one’s team, to include leading by example

Change Management: The ability to maintain effectiveness in a changing environment and the willingness to respond quickly and positively to change and to lead others

through change and manage their concerns

Emotional   Intelligence:   Possession   of   self-awareness,   self-management,   social awareness and social skills – The ability to display behaviours appropriate to the AGD’s

business and social environment

Integrity: The ability to consistently demonstrate sound ethical standards, observe the codes  of  conduct  for  employees  and  codes  of  professional  practice  and  show

consistency between established values and behaviours,  in  order to build  trust and


Oral and Written Communication skills: The ability to communicate proficiently orally, in writing and in one-on-one, face-to-face, with excellent public speaking skills

Minimum Required Qualification and Experience

•         Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology or equivalent;

•         Six (6) years’ experience as a System/Programmer Analyst or other relevant post.

Special Conditions Associated with the Job

•         Required to travel locally (up to 40%);

•         Pressured working conditions with numerous critical deadlines. 

Applications   accompanied   by   résumés   should   be   submitted    no   later   than   Monday,

26th August, 2019 to:

The AGD Transition Team

Accountant General's Department

2-4 Church Street



Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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2 Days Left to Apply

Job Details

  • Location: Kingston

  • Sector: Public Sector

  • Category: Computer & IT

  • Posted On: Aug 14, 2019

  • Deadline: Aug 26, 2019

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Salary Grade: MIS/IT 4

Starting Salary (Gross/yr) $1,566,140.35 JMD

Max Salary (Gross/yr) $1,861,648.01 JMD

Primary Industry:Computer & IT

Secondary Industry: Computer & IT