Deputy Accountant General, Government Accounting and Reporting (FMG/PA 5)Management

Accountant General Department

Deputy Accountant General, Government Accounting and Reporting (FMG/PA 5) in the Accountant General’s Department (AGD), salary range $3,950,811

$4,696,272 per annum and any allowance(s) attached to the post.



Job Purpose


Reporting to the Accountant General, the Deputy Accountant General, Government Accounting and  Reporting,  will  ensure  that  the  standard  cash  International  Public  Sector  Accounting Standard (IPSAS) is rolled out and in use by all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and that the necessary monitoring and training in its use and implementation is provided across Government. He/she will ensure that the accounts are prepared according to the set regulations, laws and guidelines and one format of reporting is done in accordance with cash IPSAS. He/she will ensure that the reports of the MDAs are presented in time and that the consolidated reports are presented to the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service and other stakeholders on time. He/she will ensure that all non-revenue Government bank accounts are closed to the Treasury Single Accounts (TSA) and will issue authority for the opening and closing of accounts. He/she will ensure periodic inspection and monitoring of the books of the MDAs to ensure that revenues due to the Government are paid into the Consolidated Fund on time.



Key Responsibilities



     Presents Statutory Financial Statements of the Government and any other statements of account required by the Minister of Finance or the Financial Secretary;

     Oversees the co-ordination of all fiscal reporting activities for the Department including statutory reports laid out in the Financial Administration and Audit (FAA) Act;

         Manages Government Investments in share holdings;

         Issues authorizations for opening and closing of Government bank accounts;

         Attends Annual General and Extra-Ordinary General Meetings of Companies in which the

Government  of  Jamaica  (GoJ)  has  shareholding,  in  the  absence  of  the  Accountant


         Establishes and maintains systems for the routine inspection of the books of accounts of

MDAs to ensure compliance with revenue rules, regulations and policies;

         Oversees revenue monitoring and accounting;

     Provides financial regulations and issuance of Treasury Circulars to ensure that there are adequate systems relevant to public financial management for the general upkeep and maintenance of accounting systems;

         Formulates the Government Accounting policies;

         Assists with the design, development, implementation and maintenance of Governments

Accounting standards, instructions, policies and procedures;

     Maintains the Central Financial Accounts and manages and co-ordinates the staff to ensure timeliness and accuracy;

     Assist wit the   accountin fo the   Contingencies   Fund Developmen Fund, Consolidated Fund, Special Funds, Trust Funds and Reserve Fund. Ensuring that all

payments made are appropriately authorized and in line