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Effective September 1st, 2020, All 65+ career resources will only be available for a quarterly membership subscription cost of $2,500 JMD.

We have been operating for over 3 years as a non-profit by providing useful tools and resources focused on identifying, honing, and improving human capital including skill set. Additional tools are being developed daily by our programmers and HR experts. 

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Jamaican PAYE & Salary Calculator Cloud Payroll Software
Employment Termination & Redundancy Entitlements Calculator 2020 Jamaican Payroll Guide
Salary & Benefits Database Jamaican PAYE & Salary Calculator
  Employment Termination & Redundancy Entitlements Calculator
  Salary & Benefits Database
Career Advancement
Jamaican Job Bank Recruitment Software
Resume Template Jamaican Job Bank
HR Blog Resume Template
Organizations Hiring Career Blog
Career Events Similar Organizations
Free eBooks, CSEC / CAPE / GCE Past Paper, Study Guides, Mock Exams, & Practice Questions Career Events