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Deputy Director General

Deputy Director General

Statistical Institute of Jamaica
Business, Accounting, HR & Legal

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Listed On: Monday, February 12, 2018

Expires On: Sunday, March 4, 2018

Job Description

Applications are invited for the post of Deputy Director General

Under the guidance of the Director General, the Deputy Director General has the responsibility to provide strategic direction, technical guidance and oversight for the technical divisions of the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, and as such, leads a team of senior technical and managerial staff in the planning, development, production and dissemination of a comprehensive body of high quality official statistics as mandated under the Statistics Act.

The Deputy Director General also supports the Director General in the day-to-day management of the operations of the Institute including leading the organization’s community and public relations efforts designed to create a positive image of the Institute; build trust and confidence in the Institute’s programmes, products and services; and increase public understanding and use of official statistics. In the absence of the Director General, the Deputy Director General assumes the functions, duties and authority of the position.


 A master’s degree preferably in Statistics, Economics or a related Social Science discipline.

 Minimum of ten (10) years experience in the management of national statistical programmes and projects five

(5) of which should be in a senior management capacity.

 Experience in quantitative research

 Proficiency in using statistical software such as SPSS or SAS







 Excellent oral communication skills

 Excellent written communication


 Excellent organizational and

environmental awareness

 Excellent interpersonal skills

 Excellent teamwork and

cooperation skills

 Demonstrated high level of


 Demonstrated customer and

quality focus

 Excellent leadership


 Excellent strategic

planning skills

 Excellent people

management skills

 Demonstrated

effectiveness in

managing external


Extensive knowledge of:-

 Survey Design, Data Collection, Data Processing,

Data Analysis, Reporting/Dissemination, Data Archiving, Data Evaluation,

 National Statistics Systems, Statistical Capacity Building

 The UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics,

 The international standards for official statistics,

e.g. the General Data Dissemination System

(GDDS), and the Special Data Dissemination

System (SDDS),

 Quality Management Systems.

Duties Will Include:-

 Strategic Planning

 Supports the Director General in leading the Institute’s strategic corporate and operational planning process

and implementation.

 Supports the Director General in ensuring that the long-range vision and direction of the Institute’s operations

are in alignment with the stated mission, vision and mandated functions.

 Supports the Director General in policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

 Supports the Director General in the development of work programmes and associated operating budgets

for the provision of a comprehensive body of official statistics and statistical information designed to assist

government , institutions, citizens and the business community in their decision making processes.

 Research Leadership

 Oversees the development and management of statistical capacity building research projects.

 Oversees the execution of statistical research projects commissioned by national and international clients.

 Supports the Director General in the development of the National Statistics System to ensure consistency and

efficiency of statistical systems at all levels.

 General Statistical Programme Management

 Supports the Director General in discharging the functions of the Institute as mandated under the Statistics

Act, 1984

 Manages the statistical framework by ensuring the development of standards, methodologies, concepts,

classifications and definitions that apply across multiple processes.

 Provides strategic direction and technical guidance to the Directors of the technical divisions in the

application of appropriate statistical methods, techniques, processes, and the identification of data sources.

 Ensures that international standards for professional competence and the integrity of official statistics are

maintained through the use of an effective quality management system.

 Conducts final quality control checks by reviewing technical reports/publications for consistency, accuracy

and reliability prior to final printing and dissemination.

 Monitors the established data dissemination policy and timelines for the release of statistical information, to

ensure relevance, timeliness, and accessibility.

 Directs and leads consultation with stakeholders, partners and user community to obtain feedback on

existing programmes, products and services in order to determine if they continue to meet their evolving


 Provides technical guidance to ensure that economic, social, environment and other statistics produced are

kept current and where necessary redesigned/expanded to meet user needs.

 Ensures that statistical business processes are documented to ensure consistency and continuity.

Management/Administrative Responsibilities

 Performs administrative and human resource management responsibilities in accordance with established

policies and procedures.

Applications should be submitted by Friday, February 16, 2018 to:

The Human Resource Manager

Statistical Institute of Jamaica

7 Cecelio Avenue

Kingston 10 or