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How Skill Set 365 Works: For Employers

SkillSet365.com is a community of diversed talents available to work for you onsite or remotely at the click of a button. You can freely post a Job or Search for services being offered by job seekers and freelancers that match your needs. Our fast growing directory of workets are eager to help with any technical, creative or business projects you have on the table. Explore each freelancer's profile and browse their previous work so you can hire with confidence. You can also embedded your unbranded post on your website with our APIs.

There are over thirty online job boards in the Caribbean offering the same thing but lacking essential features such as a skill set marketplace, employee blacklist database, end to end candidate hiring platform, scheduling and HR outsourcing. Skill Set 356 provides all these services and more.

Automated Shortlisting

Avoid going through the tiresome process of resume analysis and manual data entry processes as we don’t allow file based resumes or applications. Potentials will be immediately notified once your Job is Posted. Upon application, each applicant will be automatically shortlisted based on matching prefilled criteria from each applicant's profile such as specific Age Group, living address, Course of Study or Skill Set.

Pay Only For A Job Well Done

Employee Emolument payments is simple and fast once you're satisfied with the finished product. Use our secured payment platform by funding your account, creating a Gig and release payment only when gig is completed risk-free guaranteed. Employee can then withdraw their earnings to their local bank or online wallets such as PayPal, Payoneer or Skrill.

24/7 Customer Support

Skill Set 365 is a community built around trust. A lot of work happens behind the scenes at to keep the community safe but we also offer an unmatched support system to resolve your concerns, whether you are hiring, browsing, buying or selling. Our 24/7 dedicated support team is available via Ticketing system, Skype, phone, email, & chat to ensure you have a secured and risk free experience.

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Work From Office or Mobile

Skill Set 365 website is 100% mobile friendly. With any smartphone, any time, you can have a heads up on the performance & analytics of your Job listings, manage schedules, perform edits and view individual Applicants.

Spreading the Word With Social Media Integration

Not only can you take advantage of our fully exposed Job boards; SkillSet365 also comes integrated with a growing social media sites. To propagate and build up your corporate brand; social media can serve as the perfect medium.

Microsoft Office And Google Calendar Integration

Convenience is a priority! Now have the core competencies of an Applicant Tracking System available from your desktop. Communicate with Prospects via email or manage and integrate schedules using Outlook and Google Calendars.

Freqnuetly Asked Questions

No, posting a job is free. However, you can feature a job to give it more prominence. Beyond that, the only cost is paying the employee or service provider you engage.

User Accounts that have not logged in for eight months will incur a maintenance fee of up to $15.00 USD per month until either the account is terminated or reactivated. This fee is to offset the cost for storage, bandwidth, support and management costs of providing hosting of the user's profile, file & portfolio storage, listing in directories and message storage.

If you want your job to have more exposure and appear at the top of the search results you can have your job featured. Having your job featured will carry a cost listed on the Listing Maintenance page and lasts for 30 days. If your job remains open longer, it will return to normal after 30 days.

We will not approve listings that contains:
  • Illegal or questionable actions
  • School projects or Homework
  • Sales Pitches or announcements
  • Requirement for an upfront investment
  • Unreasonable expectations or low success rate